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Rahmah, Our Chairwoman

Rahmah is a mother, a wife, and also our leader. She has been more than two decades in traditional coffee business, and recognised by important traders/exporter in Indonesia. She is elected as our chairperson because she is proven realible, trusted, and damn good business leader. We wish she will success to lead us to the overseas market.


History of Ketiara

Ketiara Cooperative establish in 2009 by 38 person. In 2011 - after join the Fair Trade movement - We decided to restructruce the overall organisation into 100% small farmer organisation with total current member 1,979. Ibu Rahmah (our chairwomen) was the founding of this cooperative. She was starting the whole business as a small trader, that purchase few kilos of cherry - hand processed - and later deliver to several traders exist in the region. That was 20 years ago. Now, Ketiara sales to mainly local trader/exporter in average 70 metric tons per month. Almost all world-wide recognise trader/exporters from Medan, Sumatra, have been sourcing their exported green bean from Ketiara members.

Our Passion

Fairtrade is NOT perfect, but it does create opportunity to change. There are important notes on the fairtrade movement in Indonesia (click here for an example). Fair Trade is not about certification, but about the value on how the coffee business and trade are creating welfare to the coffee grower, employee, end-customer, also to the planet. We want to see that fairer trading system are possible: A trading system that bring mutual benefit for our buyers, customer, as well as to our dearest members. We will make this happen, it is our promise.

Products and Market

We produced 100% Gayo Sumatra Origin Arabica Green Bean Grade 1 for overseas market (US, Europe, Japan, Australia, and Asia). Our coffee is Organic certified by the Control Union and also by Fairtrade International (FLO). We also produce several variants for local market such as Conventional and Civet coffee.


JL. Raya Umang Kampung Umang No 76
Kecamatan Bebesen, Takengon,
Kabupaten Aceh Tengah (24552)
Aceh - Indonesia


Email: rahmah@ketiara.com
Mobile: +62 (0) 811 679 666

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Jalan Raya Uamang Kampung Umang No.76 Kec. Bebesen, Kabupaten Aceh Tengah, Indonesia
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