Ketiara and Fairtrade
It was not an easy decision that finally we are all agree
to participate in the Fairtrade and Organic certification
program. It is costly and complicated, but we believe,
that our investment will be paid-off one day.

Our passion is about profit and welfare of our member,
satisfaction of our buyers and customer, also protection
of land and forest. We prefer an open and transparent
trading system. A trading system that bring education to
coffee grower. A trading system that create opportunity
to women to take a lead in this male-dominated coffee
supply-chain. Is it possible? We dont think, We just do.

When our investment in Fairtrade and Organic were
successfull. Here are some initiatives that we would like
bring to our members.

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Health, Education,
and Public Infrastructure
These are what we were agreed with our
members just before we decide to have
fairtrade and organic certification. The
decision then taken to the General
Assembly. We will allocate the premium
from the Fairtrade Organic Sales mainly
to support these kind iniatives.
Improving Farm Productivity and
Product Quality
Cost of production is getting higher due
to annual inflation and fluctuation of
exchange rates. Climate change is you
want to count also contribute to
significant lost. As result of this difficult
condition, price taken from the farmer is
getting higher, and as consequences we
have to sell at higher price also. We
want to keep that our price is competitive
without compromising the quality.
Fairtrade standard said that we have to
allocate 25% of the premium income to
improve productivity and support quality.
Ketiara has been invest a lots to to
sustain our business.
Leuser Ecosytem

Our member coffee plantation were located in the region
which is next to the Leuser National Park. So, we are
highly depending on the life and survival of the Leuser

We dont know yet, what kind of our contribution in
future. But today, we promote 100% organic farming.
Perhaps awareness o

n how beautiful our forest,
mountains and the rivers. How rich of our environment.
Perhaps also initiate other crops for daily living such as
vegatables and fruits.

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