Aceh mountainous and coffee plantation. Atlas cofee importer visitation Atlas coffee importer with Ketiara team in a plantation site. Coffee beans before pulpering. Coffee huller machine. Coffee stocks. Collector's beans sun drying. Cupping with Royal Coffee_01 Farmers and Ketiara team on cardio exercise every sunday morning. Invitation from Taiwan Fairtrade. Ketiara and Oko Green Taiwan in a Fairtrade event. Ketiara and Oko Green Taiwan. Ketiara contingent at Oko Green. Ketiara cooperative team. Ketiara core team. Ketiara distribute free organic fertilizer to the local farmers. Ketiara in Taiwan. Ketiara team and Taiwanese team. Ketiara team at local-governmental and networking event. Ketiara's coffee cupping with Royal Coffee. Ketiara's presentation on Taiwan's Fairtrade event. Preparing organic fertilizer packaging a moment before distribution to farmers. Pulping process in collector's warehouse. Royal Coffee visit Ketiara's plantation. Stumptown Coffee and Allegro Coffe with farmers and Ketiara team. Trabocca team visit farmer's plantation. Trabocca team visit farmer's plantation_02 Wiith farmers. Women empowerment. Manual sortation to ensure the quality.