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Buyer Visit Highlight

  Atlas Coffee & Roaster visit Ketiara recently this year. The buyers visit through the years represent the respectful and mutual based relation between Ketiara cooperative and buyers across the globe. In the same way, Ketiara maintain the farmers empowerment and environmental reservation as well.

Member Updates

Currently Ketiara has 1,979 member, which is majority is women (above 50%). As our policy to promote women in the coffee business, Ketiara will still prioritized women to be our member. Each of our member in average has 1-2 hectare of coffee farms as their main income for their whole family.


Current Members

Aceh Tengah District (Total 1,156 households)

F-A01. Umang, F-A02. Ulunuih, F-A03. Tapak Moge, F-A04. Dusun Perulangan, F-A05. Paya Beke, F-A06. Merah Muyang, F-A07. Kelupak Mata, F-A09. Burbiah, F-A10. Wih Masin, F-A11. Pucuk Deku, F-A12. Bies Mulie, F-A13. Pantan Sile

Bener Meriah District (Total 823 households)

F-B09. Bukit Bersatu, F-B10. Blang Tampu, F-B11. Blang Panas, F-B12. Jamur Uluh, F-B13. Senebuk Aceh, F-B14. Hakim Wih Ilang,F-B15. Suka Damai, F-B16. Uning Bersah


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