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Product Brand

For overseas/ export market, we deliever Green bean Arabica Grade 1, pure Organic and 100% Gayo highland under Fairtrade and organic certification although we occassionally sell conventional. Our product has different brand name for export market as follow:

1. Gayo Arabica Coffee Grade 1
2. Gayo Speciality Coffee
3. Ketiara Gayo Coffee
4. KOPEPI Gayo Coffee
5. Sumatera Arabica Coffee
6. Sumatera Gayo Arabica
7. Sumatera Mandheling Coffee
8. Sumatra FT Organic Ketiara.

For Domestic/ National Market, we deliver green bean, roasted bean, and powdered bean under several grade of Organic Arabica.

Average Cupping profiles 84-88

In average Gayo Sumatra Coffee achieved cupping score between 84-88. Mostly it is 100% sun-dried and semi-washed processing. Prime atribute is bold intensity, dark intense cup, herbal, bittersweet. It has bitter chocolate roast tones as well with accents of sage and thyme. There's a very intense sweetness a bit like butterscotch also something intensely foresty ,cedar, and pine bark.

Production Chain

  • Farmer Level: Land preparation, Seedling, Prunning, rejuvenile, harvest, Some members also conduct pulping by themselves.
  • Collector Level: Transporting Cherry, Pulper, Fermentation, Sun drying (30% mouisture), Deliver
    parchment to hulling processor.
  • Hulling (subcontracted): Only process the parchment (Wet-hulled).
  • Ketiara Level: Purchase of parchments, Managing Collectors, Quallity Assurance: parchment and green (after hulling), Provision of organic fertilizer to members, Sun drying of green bean (first phase 18% mouisture), Sortation (first phase, using Sutton machine), Sun drying (second phase), Hand Sortation, Blending, Quality Assurance of Green bean), Packing, Promotion and Marketing, Export documents,Member development programme (under Organic Fairtrade premium sales).

About Gayo Sumatra Coffee

Our member coffee plantation is located in Central Aceh, in the district of Takengon and
Bener Meriah, surrounding the Lut Tawar Lake. Coffee here is first introduce under the
Dutch colonial in the 18th Century.

Our region is surrounding by the Gunung Leuser National Park that straddling the
border of North Sumatra and Aceh provinces. It is a habitat of important mamals,
birds, primates, and thousand of species of flora. It is also the remaining habitats of
Sumatra Orangutans (pongo abelii).

Leuser Ecosystem is currently under significant threats. Wildlife trade, illegal
loging, but most of all, is the palm oil industry.

Gayo Sumatra coffee has a range of varieties. First was Jember Typica (S-795) .
Other Typica was Bergandal and Sidikalang. There are also TimTim (which is a hybrida of
Arabica and Robusta). Caturra and Catimor are present, sometimes with local names. In
our region, we are using wet-hull method or semi-washed method or "Giling Basah" in
our languange. It is a combination processed of dry and wet processing.

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Our commitment to Fairtrade Organic Buyers beside Good Service and Quality

  • 100 % Traceability. We only source from our member under Fairtrade and Organic requirements. We implement a system that guarantee 100% that all Faitrade and Organic Sales are sourcing ONLY from our members.

  • 100% Transparency and Control of Member over the transaction and the usage of the Organic and Fairtrade Premium

Characteristics related to the coffee production:

Gayo Highland in the district of Takengon and Bener Meriah, Central Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Altitute between 1,200-1,500 above sea level. Natural Shaded Grown 100% organic. Life Zones : Mountaineous, Tropical forest within Leuser Ecosystem. Temperature: 15-20 C degree
Associated Flora: Lamtoro (leucaena leucocephala), Pine, Cedar, wild forest vegetation and fruits. Associated Fauna: mammals, primates, birds, and reptiles, including the flagged spicies of Sumatra tiger, elephant, orangutan, wild boar, wild buffalow, pyton, and several species of maccaca.

Product Classiffication:

Number of Members: 1,768
Total Member Areas: 1,677,05 hectares
Estimated production: 2,578 MT
Harvest: September - May
Varieties: Bourbon, Typica, Cattura, Catimor
Processing: Semi-washed (wet-hulled)
Certification: Organic Control Union for USDA-NOP, EU (ID: 818070)
and FLO Fairtrade (ID: 27501)

Jalan Raya Uamang Kampung Umang No.76 Kec. Bebesen, Kabupaten Aceh Tengah, Indonesia
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