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Ketiara Giling Basah

Giling Basah or semi washed or wet hulled is the Ketiara preferred post harvest processing method. This method is commonly used to process arabica coffee in Indonesia. Sumatra, Sulawesi, some…

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Coffee is our everyday life

Ketiara coffee is grown in the forested mountains surrounding Leuser national park, using shade grown coffee production as a means to protect the local ecosystem. The complexity of the coffee in the cup profile is a proof of care and dedication in growing and post harvest processing. Ketiara is committed in fair trading practices that create shared value among producers, traders, roasters, and consumer. Arabica green bean produced by Ketiara farmers are organic and Fairtrade certified.

Ketiara has been supplying to importer in US and Europe but also Asia and Middle-East. Ketiara coffee are available for customer at café, groceries, online store with support from their dedicated importer and roaster partners such as Armenia, Atlas, Stumptown, Collectivo, Peets, Café Moto, Royal Coffee, Atlantic Specialty, Old Quarter, InterAmerican, DRWakefield, Laughing Man, and many other.

Sourcing from Ketiara means that (1) you always get fresh, clean, high quality arabica which is 100% origin Sumatra Aceh Gayo Highland, (2) our business is directly contribute to the active involvement of younger farmer generation along the supply chain, (3) your company is contribute towards a decent livelihood of thousands of our farmer that grow and process coffee for your customer, and (4) protection of our forest.

Fact Sheet

Current Member 1,040 farmer households, expected additional 315 member in 2021. More than 70% member is woman.
Area of Production 1,009 hectares, Shaded-grown.
Annual Production 1,344MT (organic)
Coffee Variety Gayo 1, Gayo 2, hybrid (cross) Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon-Typica, also Adsenia or Abyssinia. 
Altitude 1,200-1,650 above sea level
Top Soil: Volcanic
Harvest Period September – May
Processing Giling Basah (wet hulled)
Quality Grade 1, MC <13%, Cup 86+
Certification Organic EU, NOP, and Fairtrade.

Who we are

Ketiara is a women-led cooperative. Located in Sumatra Aceh Gayo Highland. Ketiara has over 25 years of experience in coffee production. Beyond producing and trading premium quality coffee, Ketiara celebrates their value to promote women and younger farmer generation in coffee business.


In the region where we live, we can count by finger how many farmer organisation that actually has capacity to export by themselves. For the last 12 years Ketiara has export their coffee by their own. It is only possible because our farmer member hard work to put quality as our top priority, beside support and patience from our importers and roasters. Today Ketiara sales is in average 22,680 bags (60 kg/bag) annually, consist of Aceh Gayo arabica green bean grade 1 and grade specialty. 85% of our sales are for export destination. Open Ketiara Coffee page

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Kopepi Ketiara
Jalan Raya Umang, Kampung Umang No 76 Kecamatan Bebesen, Takengon, Kabupaten Aceh Tengah – Gayo Highland Indonesia.