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Bambang and friend

Hi everyone, it is nice to meet you

My name is Bambang Wijaya Kusuma, the one with black t-shirt. My friend call me Bembeng. Ms Rahmah, our CEO and chairwoman, who is also my mother has asked me and my team to responsible for every single green bean that we deliver to your customer.

In this page, I will provide brief overview about Sumatra Coffee, especially our Sumatra Ketiara Aceh Gayo Coffee. I hope you will enjoy reading it. Don’t hesitate to reach me by sending messages. We can also arrange for virtual face to face call which I think more friendly.

Lets start with this

The classic Sumatra Mandailing (Mandheling) is the most recognized brand for Arabica traded from Sumatra since colonial era. In the past, Natal sub-district in Mandailing regency was very busy port. Now everything is quiet, only coffee which is left from the past glory of a civilization in that place. Read more

How we process our coffee

Ketiara processing is giling basah or wet-hulled. This method is commonly used to process arabica in Indonesia, including Sumatra. It is basically flavor-altering processing method, which is vastly different from other commonly used styles. Broadly speaking, the giling basah process is a result of a combination of environmental conditions, market access, and traditions found in Indonesia which sets these coffees apart from the rest of the world. Read more

Atlas has been sourcing from Ketiara for many years. Our customer love Ketiara coffee very much. Ketiara is one among few farmer organisation that produce high quality of Sumatra Aceh Gayo Arabica consistently. Their contracts perform very well. We are very happy to have long business relationship with Ketiara.

– Dana Foster, Atlas Coffee Importer –

Selection of Ketiara Sumatra Aceh Gayo Arabica

Sumatra Classic Mandheling

Smooth, low-medium acidity, sweet and full bodied with intense and balance, brown sugar, dark chocolate, tobacco, clove, cedar wood, apple and pineapple-like, rose-flower, buttery caramel. Available year around estimated 14.500 bags. Organic, Fairtrade, but conventional as well. Read more

Queen Ketiara

Queen Ketiara is produced from farms owned by our female farmer member only. One of our product that received high score in some international cup competition events. Queen Ketiara has most complex flavours. In the cup, you can find walnut, cherry, dark chocolate, buttery baking spices, rose flower, plum, sweet tobacco, fresh and sweet herbs. Available year around estimated 9,600 bags. Organic and Fairtrade certified only. Read more

Bies Penantan

Bies Penantan is full bodied and sweet with notes of cedar and spice. Bies Penantan specially prepared for Stumptown. Read more about Bies Penantan directly from Stumptown Website. Read more

Ketiara Adsenia

Complex and smooth, full bodied, chocolate, tropical fruits, and gently pungent. Adsenia has apple, rose-like flowers, grapefruit, buttery cocoa in aroma and cup. Rich, roundly juicy acidity; deeply syrupy mouthfeel. Floral, citrus and apple notes in particular show up in a continued rich, round finish. Adsenia available year round. Organic only certified. Read more

Bintang Dirahmah (Star at Rahmah)

Profile of Bintang Dirahmah cannot be found else where. It is blend from farms belong to Rahmah extended family only. In contrast to the classic Sumatra profile dominated by notes of earth, cedar, and bell pepper. Bintang Dirahmah feature fruit tones ranging from cherry and grape to citrus and pineapple, combined with lively acidity and creamy body. Limited only 115 tones per season. Organic and Fairtrade certified. Read more

Ketiara Volcano Dragon

Ketiara Volcano Dragon is a limited blend produce by 230 farmer households from only 4 villages under the slope of Burni Telong volcano. Low acidity, sweet full bodied which intense and balance, cherry, grape, and sweet tropical fruits, buttery cocoa, with slightly hint of tobacco and sweet spices. Read more →  


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