Bintang Dirahmah

Bintang Dirahmah

Rahmah and Her Mother

Bintang Dirahmah is a blend from Rahmah extended family farms. Haji Aman, Rahmah’s grand father, was starting cultivate coffee in 1958. When he passed away, he pass-down several hectares of farms to his children, including several plots for Rahmah’s father, which later passed-down to his children, including Rahmah. Rahmah consider that Bintang Dirahmah is very important product which is part of Ketiara existence.

As I remembered, our food, clothes, houses, even our breath, came from those coffee farms. I am so relief to see that our family still owns those farms and still has good coffee in it”.


It is definitely has Sumatra classic (Mandheling) profile, but more older, complex, and pleasant. Bold, low-acidity, chocolate, tobacco, fresh herbs, citrus, cedar wood are not hard to be found in the cup. It is an absolute great plus for Sumatra Classic (Mandheling).

Top notes vary with roast level. Herbal and earth-toned, bean-to-bar chocolate, hints of berry, sandalwood, basil, anise, pipe tobacco and an acidic impression uncharacteristic of Sumatra. City+ to Full City+.


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