Ketiara Adsenia

Ketiara Adsenia

Ketiara farmer member. Photo by Royal Coffee NY

Ketiara Adsenia is specially prepared for Royal Coffee customer. It is one of our top quality grade which is triple picked by hand. Adsenia is available year around as organic-only certified. Ketiara Adsenia is produced by more than 574 households member of Ketiara Cooperative.

Ketiara Adsenia is a blend product made from different arabica variety at different altitude. Farms are shaded-grown under various trees. Located mainly in Aceh Tengah regency at the altitude between 1.200-1.600 meter. What is unique, it is the only Ketiara product that has the Adsenia, or Abyssinia arabica variety in the blend beside other varieties which is typical grown by Gayonese farmer. In general, Arabica in Gayo Highland mostly hybrid (cross) Arabica from Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon-Typica group. These varieties has many local names such as Gayo 1 (Catimor), Gayo 2 (Bourbon-Typica), Ateng Super, Ateng Jaluk (Caturra).

Adsenia is smooth and complex, sweet, full intense body, dark-chocolate and tropical fruits, also gently pungent. Adsenia has apple and pineapple like, rose-like flowers, plum, grapefruit, buttery cocoa in aroma and cup. It is rich, roundly juicy acidity; deeply syrupy mouthfeel. Floral, citrus and apple notes in particular show up in a continued rich, round finish. Available year round, organic certified.



The Adsenia lots from Ketiara pass their strictest QC parameters, and tend to be the best of the best. If you go to cup at Ketiara’s lab in Takengon, you will certainly be presented with one of these coffees. To me, this coffee has landed just the way I tasted it at origin: fresh, sweet, gracefully herbal, and gently tropical. There is rarely a better example of delicious wet-hulled coffee, in my not-so-humble opinion. Ketiara is the leader of the pack!

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– Evan Gilman, Royal Coffee –




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