Ketiara Sumatra Classic

Ketiara Sumatra Classic Mandheling

Typical Gayonese coffee farm. Shaded grown under Lamtoro (Leucaena leucocephala) and fruit trees. Mix arabica cultivar between Catimor, Caturra, also Bourbon-Typica. Organic practice under internationally recognised organic certification but also Fairtrade certified.

For centuries what people experience with Sumatra Mandheling is low acidity, full bodied, smooth, earthy, sweet and fresh herbs spices, chocolate and tobacco.

Well, it might not completely a mistake when we say that today Sumatra Mandheling available on market, actually has no origin. Coffee from every part of Sumatra are blend, labelled as Mandheling, and exported. Read more about Sumatra Mandheling →   

Ketiara Sumatra Mandheling is produced only from coffee farms originated from Gayo Highland. Common Sumatra Mandheling dominated by notes of earth, cedar, and bell pepper, while Ketiara Sumatra Classic Mandheling often feature fruit tones ranging from cherry and grape to citrus and pineapple, combined with lively acidity and creamy body. It is because Gayo Highland has different geographical, different micro climate, but also different arabica cultivar grown in a single farm that makes coffee originated from Gayo Highland has its distinction compare with other region in Sumatra.

In Gayo, arabica grown is hybrid (cross) cultivar from Catimor, Caturra, Bourbon-Typica group, including adsenia or abyssinia. Gayo also has 8 months harvest period compare to other region which is usually 4 months. Gayo is known as one of the best area in the world for Arabica because its microclimate, soil, forest, and its vegetation. Gayo highland region also known as largest arabica production in Indonesia, with estimated 81.000 hectares in total. Important to note, that nearly 30% of the coffee farm are organic certified (and Fairtrade), and the number is growing.

Ketiara Sumatra Classic Mandheling is our #1 best seller. Certainly sure, it is not hard to find classical Sumatra profile in the cup. Ketiara Sumatra Classic Mandheling is old school, but smoother and complex, as if we were experience with the “upgraded” profile of classical Sumatra since its glorious era during the colonial. Ketiara Sumatra Mandheling is smooth, low-medium acidity, sweet, full bodied with intense and balance, brown sugar, dark chocolate, tobacco, clove, cedar wood, grape and pineapple-like, rose-flower like, buttery caramel, but still has seductive hints of earthy aroma.   

“Fresh off the boat and ready to party. A quintessential Sumatra with all of the best Indonesian wet hull characteristics magnified – IPA hoppy herbal at the outset and thick sweet spicy chocolate at the finish. This coffee is both clean and bright for the fastidious, yet heavy and dusky enough for the old school Sumatra drinkers, something for everyone.”

– John Cossette, Royal Coffee –

Ketiara Sumatra Classic Mandheling is available as Organic and Fairtrade, but conventional as well. Our annual capacity for Sumatra Classic Mandheling is over 14.500 bags for organic and Fairtrade.


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