Queen Ketiara

Queen Ketiara

Rahmah and Al Liu, the one who invented Queen Ketiara in 2011.

Queen Ketiara is produced by only Ketiara female member. Queen Ketiara was developed in 2011 in collaboration with Atlas Coffee Importer. Since then it has been one of Ketiara top selling product. Queen Ketiara has been exported not just to US, but also Europe and some part of Asia like Korea, China, and Middle-east.

Queen Ketiara tied for the fourth-highest rating in a cupping of coffees from Sumatra for Coffee Review’s April 2019 tasting report. Queen Ketiara under brand Ipak Gayo (ipak is women in Gayonese language) being used as official green coffee for Master Roast during New York Coffee Festival in 2019. It was said, the coffee describes it as, “complex with nice body, fresh spices, apple, cedar, tropical fruits, floral ,brown sugar, medium-acidity, dark chocolate and caramel.”

Why Queen Ketiara is produced by women only farmer?

We at Ketiara are very aware that the social, political, and cultural system in Indonesia are more pro-men, especially in Aceh Gayo. But we in Ketiara, believe that really no need to fight-back with harsh and arrogant ways. Ketiara embrace women but also men to promote gender equality within coffee business in Gayo. We promote non-aggressive, non-conflict, and fun. Our protest against patriarchal culture were carried out in non-violent ways, without feeling of being oppressed. We value men same as we value women. We need men, we love them, adore them. Gender equality in Ketiara is conscious reciprocal action to respect both women and men. In the end, we see that there is not necessary to have social, cultural, and political distinctions between men and women.

Picture. Rahmah with farmer from Bies, one of the village that produce Queen Ketiara. From left: Painem, Nurmawati, Jumiarah, Rahmah, Rosdalia, and Katiem.

I joined Ketiara cooperative in 2015. With support from Rahmah, our coffee is exported. I am very happy to hear that it is taste good. Ketiara also purchase our harvest with good price. Beside provide trainings, Ketiara also provide additional benefits for example rice, vegetable oils, mattress, farming tools, organic fertilizer, and many. Ketiara has no negotiation for quality and organic practice.

Rosdalia, Ketiara Farmer

Sweetly pungent, earthy. Moist, fresh-fallen leaves, orange zest, fresh-cut pine, cocoa, lily in aroma and cup. Richly tart in structure, with a savory edge. Light but buoyant mouthfeel. The finish consolidates around cocoa, orange and a deep, lily-like floral note. Attractive choice for lovers of the traditional Sumatra wet-hulled profile: earthy, pungent, yet bright, offering bonus satisfaction for supporters of progressive, women-led cooperatives. Read more from Coffee Review Website






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