Introducing Ketiara Volcano Dragon

Ketiara Volcano Dragon is a specialty limited blend from only 4 villages under the slope of Burni Telong volcano. It is available for organic, Fairtrade, but also conventional. Total 230 farmer households involved in the production of this super cool, complex, smooth product.

Arabica for Ketiara volcano dragon are grown in altitude between 1.300-1.550 meter, shaded grown, under Lamtoro tree (Leucaena leucocephala) and fruit trees like avocado, banana, and orange. Above the farms are pristine and dense forest just right below the volcano. Arabica variety used for Ketiara volcano dragon is a blend between Gayo 1 and Gayo 2.

Cup profiles: low-medium acidity, sweet full body, chocolate, floral, berry like, tropical fruit, tamarin, apple, honey, roasted peanut, with slightly notes of spices. Our quality team gave volcano dragon score 86+

Send message to us so we can ship some samples right to your desk.

Note about Gayo 1 and Gayo 2 variety. Gayo 1 – people name it as Timtim – is a hybrid arabica variety that usually produces larger than normal coffee beans year round. Due to the bigger size of the coffee cherries, sometimes farmer confused with long berry.  Timtim variety has received good cupping scores despite it being a newer arabica strain of Catimor variety. Timtim has been growing in Gayo since 1979. There are over 70 sub-varieties of Timtim grew by Gayonese farmer.  Gayo 2 is supposed to have TimTim and either Line-S (S-795) or Bourbon genetics. It originated in Gayo highland, in a particular farmer’s garden, Maisir Aman Al in Jongok Meluem Village Bandar District, Bener Meriah Regency. It was derived from 4 trees on his farm that were the progeny of a particular “mother tree” that had good production and resistance.

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